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2018年5月14日 : May create a "koinobori".
We are performing "Moon craft" in Margaret.
May is a boy,"Koinobori"We will build.

Here at the fair"Koinobori"Of the other decorations are also gathered, has been taken.

Here is one of them, and perhaps two boards to Margaret.

Here, with the whole of the two boards.
Board to resemble sky, here and there"Kumo"May be located.

That made the children"Koinobori"We will paste it.
Now we are still small, at the end of the month,There are plenty of "koinobori"Will be swimming.

2018April 20th. : Tokorozawa city developmental disabilities awareness business 2018 attend lectures, thank you very much.
4/7 (Saturday) Sugawara Masumi Professor Ochanomizu women's University lectures, left thanks to the closed ended. Thank you for participating.

Alone can speak in teacher's talk in so many difficult opponents for understanding between the parties that, thankfully, there are also interesting examples, such as hear, really studying.

Developmental disabilities awareness week in 4/2 (Monday) ~ 4/8 (Sunday) is in the symbol color of the world autism awareness day"Blue"The gesture also Margaret's decorations.

These photos are decorated reception flowers decorated in lecture after lecture.
Flower of the lectures, of course"Blue"です♪

Embellished floral origami with blue balloons Sugawara teacher's lecture meeting notice on the message board of the door.

Ornament blue balloons are written this way.

I will next year also plans to hold lectures, so come join would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your request.

2018年3月22日 : Tokorozawa city developmental disabilities awareness business 2018 will hold a lecture. (For families, supporters, students)
In the "for supporting children's and family-safe'
To parents raising children with developmental disabilities mental health-

[Date and time]
4/7/2018 (Saturday) 10:00-12

Ochanomizu women's University line-of-research hospital, human-science systems
Sugawara Masumi Professor

College's developmental psychology, developmental psychopathology. National spirit, nerve medical research center mental health Institute of community mental health, family, regional research director, Professor, Research Institute of human, Ochanomizu University core now at. Currently, Japan Director, personality psychology, broadcasting ethics and program improvement.(BPO)A Director on television and Youth Committee, Japan children's society Executive Director & society magazine editor in Chief.

Welfare of Tokorozawa city children's Museum gymnasium
(5 minutes walk from Shin-Tokorozawa station on the Seibu Shinjuku line *)

200 people

Tokorozawa city children's Center
The development assistance area Margaret
Phone: 04-2922-2118

Please apply by telephone or FAX.
Copy the flyers listed if you order by FAX, please.
Please send fill out the necessary information.

* Parking available, there is limited public transport.

2017May 24 : WEB site opened

This WEB site was established.

Strive to better stocked, so in the future please ask.