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In the area to grow healthy children
Assists children and families

Will continue to adapt to population and development support in Tokorozawa city residents, developmental disabilities or the care for children and their parents, according to the characteristics of children from the early consultations, starting with nursery and social life.

Improve community support by traveling support, for place of growth, such as nursery, making use of expertise, including children with confidence in the region, will continue to spend.

Basic policy



Center to help children and their parents
Domestic stability is important in the development of children.
In addition to providing early support tailored to each child, we also place great importance on supporting parents so that parents can learn about their children's characteristics and face child-rearing in anticipation of their child's growth.

Easy to consult, professional Center
By making use of the features attached to the child-rearing support area, we will provide consultation from an early stage that leads from the stage of awareness.
Even after constant help parents stop by anytime and can be consulted as we snuggled into the parent and child.
In addition, we strive to always improve the professionalism of the staff, which is trusted by the relying party or regional centre.

Center to enhance the power of local foster children
Because children are growing in the region, as well as homes requires power, such as educational institutions, day care. For this reason, conducting consultations utilizing our expertise in children with confidence in their area and help.
Also, lead smoothly depending on the life stage of the child support cooperation between local authorities and appropriate roles.

From "Tokorozawa Children's Support Center Management Policy"

Guide to facilities

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It is a large room with large playground equipment and is used for group and individual support and exercise support by occupational therapists.
From the magic mirror, you can see the state of the support of the room.

Manabi no Heya

It is used for group and individual support, parent-child classrooms, family support, etc.

Oh no Heya

While observing the child counseling and care use assistance.