4/7 (Saturday) Sugawara Masumi Professor Ochanomizu women's University lectures, left thanks to the closed ended. Thank you for participating.

Alone can speak in teacher's talk in so many difficult opponents for understanding between the parties that, thankfully, there are also interesting examples, such as hear, really studying.

Developmental disabilities awareness week in 4/2 (Monday) ~ 4/8 (Sunday) is in the symbol color of the world autism awareness day"Blue"The gesture also Margaret's decorations.

These photos are decorated reception flowers decorated in lecture after lecture.
Flower of the lectures, of course"Blue"It is!

Embellished floral origami with blue balloons Sugawara teacher's lecture meeting notice on the message board of the door.

Ornament blue balloons are written this way.

I will next year also plans to hold lectures, so come join would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your request.